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My Art in the ‘Andalusian Period’…

I will confess something to you today … It took me over 10 years to get used to the new Mediterranean climate and the local artistic environment. During this period, I was creating my works quietly and shyly without showing off to the world too much… That was the case until July 2017, when my painter friend Anna Nosowicz persuaded me to hang my micro-exhibition at the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Poland in Malaga, which was possible thanks to courtesy of Agnieszka Grabarczyk.

MicroExpo 2017

Then there were several group exhibitions, including the `Abstractions´ exhibition in the Costa del Sol Gallery in autumn, the Christmas Charity Event at the Avanti Gallery in La Cala de Mijas, and the exhibition of artists from Centro de Artes in Mijas Pueblo.

Galeria Avanti 2017

In June 2018, I returned with my works to the city of Malaga, with the exhibition of illustrations from the series `El Insomnio´ and `La Migraña´ at ARTSENAL Gallery in Muelle Uno. It was a great experience to be in such a friendly artistic space and in the company of other really diverse works by artists from Malaga and the surrounding area. 

In October of the same year, my first individual retrospective exhibition was held, showing various works from the Andalusian period, mainly drawings, illustrations and paintings. It was a really special evening for several reasons: firstly because of the location, i.e. Galeria Mirel in Fuengirola, where I have been living for over 13 years, secondly, the opening day, which was also the 18th birthday of my daughter Zuzanna, and thirdly, a meeting with friends, who could come all together and be with me on this important day. THANK YOU again everyone!

In the same year, encouraged by my friend, a Polish painter Ewa Kołosowska, I became a member of the Association of Artists and Designers in Malaga APLAMA and thus I started to participate in the artistic and exhibition life of the Malaga art community. Twice a year, APLAMA organizes collective exhibitions of its members, entitled `PRESENCIAS´, where you can present your current works and meet up in an artistic group.

In the spring and summer of 2019, I had the pleasure of exhibiting my works together with artists from Centro de Artes de Mijas Pueblo. Later that year I joined the ProyectARTE team and took part in several group exhibitions in Castaño Oscuro in Malaga.

During the celebrations of the ¨Picasso month¨ in October 2019 I had the pleasure to take part in several exhibitions, including the one at the Javier Roman Gallery in Malaga old town.

During the same period, I also exhibited my works in two delicious gastro-galleries: Arte y Cocina in Fuengirola and Gastronauta in Malaga. I recommend both places because of the great atmosphere, delicious food and great artwork around!

In the beginning of this unique year 2020, I managed to qualify for the 2nd Drawing Biennale in Malaga `Las Huellas del Dibujo´ with my drawing/collage `Loneliness´ and take part in a superb feminine artistic event, the vernissage of the exhibition organized by the Javier Roman Gallery in Malaga entitled `De Ellas, Por y Para Ellas´ on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, where painters, photographers, sculptors, performers and women artists presented their works.

And then came the ¨times of the cholera¨… but more about that in another post..

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