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2020 (…) 2021

Created : 2021-01-01

01/01/2021 … Yes, it’s today! The first day of the New Year, the first blank card out of 365 in the new calendar … What we fill it with depends only on us! Summarizing the past year, one could say: MAKES NO SENSE TO MAKE PLANS, because life will verify it anyway! Anyway… Whatever, let […]

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not only BLACK FRIDAY ;)

Created : 2020-11-23

Dear  Friends and Fans of my Art I have something exceptionally ‘not black’ for you, i.e. a special INVITATION to shop in my gallery under the slogan “not only BLACK FRIDAY“ From today, for the next week, you will be able to buy my works with a 25% discount! Not everything is for sale:), but […]

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Art in `the Time of Plague´ …

Created : 2020-08-03

This is a terribly strange year! A bit surreal and apocalyptic … 2020 surprised probably everyone with its pandemic paranoia. I must have felt subconsciously that something was coming, because a year ago I already started working on a project tentatively called `Las Caras de Emociones ´/ `Faces of emotions´ and the first series created […]

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The Culmination of the Blue New Moon…

Created : 2020-07-20

Today we have a special BLUE NEW MOON! It’s special, because it’s the second new moon in the same sign and because it’s the 13th one, an additional, or extra moon;) Every month we celebrate the new moon in the next of the twelve signs, the sown intentions mature in us for a month. But […]

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About me, my migraines and sketching at night …

Created : 2020-07-12

I have been drawing since I can remember … As a 7-year-old I scribbled on the covers of notebooks and in my diary, at the age of 10 I started drawing portraits of family members from photos, then after a few years, as a teenager, I mainly immortalized the faces of my idols. I have […]

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